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As a real estate investor and entrepreneur, Haim has been involved in over 200 real estate transactions in multiple States using different strategies including Buy and Hold, Fix and Flip, Private Lending, Owner Financing and his favorite strategy of Virtual Wholesaling.

Since starting to Virtually Wholesale properties in 2013, Haim was able to quit his 9-5 job in September of 2015 and become a full-time real estate investor with location-neutral-business. His main objectives or his “Why” is to spend quality time with his wife and two children, travel the world, spend the summers in Israel where he is from, and to really enjoy life.  

Recently he has started to coach others on how to virtually wholesale properties and to show them a way how design a business that supports their desired lifestyle and not the other way around. 

Haim Mamane Palman, Founder of The Virtual Wholesaler Guy
"After listening to a podcast where he was interview about investing in Real Estate remotely.  I was inspired to reach out and find out specifically about his methodology and systems. By consulting with Haim I was able to clearly and with confidence identify what market should I start investing and how to setup all the component of the business to be successful.  He also share tons a great information in his Facebook page about the subject "The Virtual Wholesaler Guy". 
Very professional. Great Coach, Highly recommend!"
Johnny Minier
"I contacted Haim after watching a couple of his video tutorials about real estate. He helped me clear up some of the clutter and confusion I had regarding my business operation and offered multiple ways and systems to use in order to scale and simplify my business. Great coach, highly recommend."
Amir Erez
Fair Deal LLC
"I contacted Haim after listening to a podcast that he was featured on about virtual wholesaling. I was inspired by the systems that he had put in place in his virtual wholesaling company to allow him to have the freedom to travel and spend time with his family.  Haim was very responsive and excited to help me start my journey. I only spent an hour with Haim, but it was very educational and what I learned will allow me to start my journey and be successful.  Haim is to the point and gives only the information you need to be successful. Thank you Haim and look forward to working with you moving forward!"
Jonathan Kobz
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