Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling
Group Coaching Program
For a limited time, I am offering you, my private GROUP, coaching so you can learn how to buy and sell Real Estate with ease.

Here is what you will learn and master in my 9 Week Virtual Wholesaling Group Coaching program.

- Week 1: How to invest in, buy and sell homes at wholesale prices in markets you don't live in.
- Week 2: How to find a local person that can trust who give you feedback on the area and on the property condition?
- Week 3: How to find low-cost individuals to delegate all the repetitive and simple task you hate to do but that must be done to buy and sell homes.
- Week 4: How to Set Up the main systems - CallRail &    Podio
- Week 5: How to Talk to Sellers and Screen Leads
- Week 6: How to Build Solid Buyers List
- Week 7: How to Build your Network of Agents,    
  Property Managers, and Local Wholesalers
- Week 8: How to Hire, Train and Manage VA
- Week 9: How to create Follow up Systems and 
  Leverage Technology
All Of Our Group Sessions will be Recorded with Zoom and you will be able to keep a copy FOREVER! 


Bonus #1: Podio Beast Mode set up
- Fully automated real estate investment Podio suite
- Automated follow up with text and voice blast 
- Auto tracking of all KPI metrics – Response rate, cost per lead, cost per appointment, contracts per campaign and much more
- CEO Dashboard
  -You will be able to Track all Your Leads, sellers calls per day, per week, per month
  - You will be able to Track all Your Buyers
- You will be able to Track all the Tasks of Your Team
- You will be able to Track all Your Offers
- You will be able to Stay Organized
- No more Yellow Pads, Notes, Posted and Leads left 
  behind with no Follow-up. 
- We will cover the first three months and the setup fees and after three months the cost will be $97 per month for two users or less. 

Bonus #2: Access to my Proven & Tested Marketing Campaigns
- Access to all My Proven and Tested Mailers
Handwritten Postcards
- Branded Postcards
- Branded Letters
- Handwritten Letters
- No More Guessing of the Message, Color, List, Mailer, Frequency

Bonus #3: Access to all my Contracts
- Purchase Agreement A-B
- Purchase Agreement B-C
- Assignment of Contract
- JV/Marketing Fee Agreement
- Authorization to Release Information

Bonus #4: Voxer Access to me Whenever you Need Help
- If you are Stuck, not Sure What to Do and Need Help, You can Contact me Directly 
- Have a Question? I will have an Answer for you within Minutes. If I Don’t Know the Answer, I will reach out to My Network and Get the Answer

Bonus #5: Membership in my Private Facebook Group
- Share your Struggles, Challenges, and Victories with your peers in the Real Estate Wholesaling Industry
- Get Help and Support from Fellow Investors and Help Others Grow Through What You Have Learned
Praise For The Virtual Wholesaler Guy's Group Coaching:
Edgar Martinez - From Dallas, TX, virtually wholesale in Tulsa, OK
5 Deals in 6 month, 37k profit
Adam Moffatt – From Southern California, virtually wholesale in Birmingham, AL
2 deals after 3 months of joining the coaching program  $12,500 profit While Working 9-5 job 
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